London Family Mediation

London Family Mediation is a London based Family Mediation Service. Its mediators work in a neutral and balanced way with those involved in a family or relationship breakdown.

Why Family Mediation?

Are you currently going through a relationship breakdown?

Have you decided that now is the right time to work out issues and arrangements regarding children, property and your finances?

Are you concerned how long it will take and how much does mediation cost?

Relationship breakdowns are often emotional and distressing times for you and your ex partner – feeling bewildered and overwhelmed is common.

Family Mediation is a process where the mediator works with those involved in a family or relationship breakdown in a neutral and balanced way. Clients decide on the issues that need to be discussed and can include child contact and living arrangements, child maintenance, property and finance and/or all of these. Choosing family mediation can help give you a sense of control. No one will make you do anything that does not feel right about making future arrangements. A judge will expect you to have considered mediation before you make a court application to hear your case.

What to Expect

If you, and your former partner, decide to go ahead with London Family Mediation you will be invited to attend a joint meeting. Mediation sessions generally last up to 90 minutes, and will start with your mediator working with you to identify what the issues are, what your hopes are for a mediated outcome and any concerns you may have.

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Understanding Family Mediation