Feedback, London Family Mediation

What Our Clients Say

Testimonial One

“Divorce was the last thing I imagined in my life but when faced with the reality of it all, I felt very alone, confused and deeply hurt, but from the very first time I spoke to you about mediation and the process I felt the air clear.

You have helped me on this heart wrenching highly emotional journey, you have remained professional and natural, explained every detail that I didn’t understand and you gave me the hope and strength to know that I can pick up my life and move forward.

Nothing has been too uncomfortable to ask or have explained, your expertise and sympathetic approach in all matters emotional and financial has allowed me to feel confident and assertive within a safe environment about the decisions and at the arrangements that my ex husband and I have made.

I really could not have come through this dark and negative time without your help and guidance and feel so positive and peaceful with my future.”

Testimonial Two

“When a relationship fails, especially where children are concerned, there are so many broken hearts. It was good to know that the mediation process is available to help soften the pain of carving up this relationship. Our separation presented many challenges that Stewart helped us negotiate calmly and to resolution.”

Testimonial Three

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your help and guidance during an extremely anxious time. Some of the finances were complicated to understand and it was helpful for all parties to recognise this, and for my ex wife to understand what was happening and how it could work. It gave my ex wife and I comfort she understood what we were agreeing to, so then in turn she would be able to explain in her own words the agreement we had reached to her solicitor.

Probably the best advise you gave during the mediation, was to be sure that we were content with the proposals we had reached before entering into discussions with our solicitors. I did not appreciate the hard efforts you had gone to support us in reaching those agreements until we sought to convert the Memorandum of Understanding into a consent order. It was an emotional time with the divorce process coming to an end.

I thought having a male and female mediator helped the balance of the meetings and I always felt we were a team of four trying to get a suitable agreement in place that I could afford and my ex wife could live on.

I would recommend your services to anybody who has unfortunately found themselves in a divorce situation as I truly feel it is and was the best way to get things sorted and agreed.”